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Tiny Miss of America


Here are some samples of resumes that can be used. Feel free to use a more traditional style resume, or a more upbeat, colorful resume. The choice is yours. Do not feel you  must use one of the samples below. You can also visit and create your own design, there are lots of resume options. The main thing to remember, what ever content is on the resume, the delegate must be able to talk about. DO NOT PUT INFORMATION ON THE RESUME THAT THE DELEGATE CANNOT TALK ABOUT. The number 1 complaint from judges is they ask questions and the delegates cannot talk about it or the delegates doesn't know what it is.

**NOTE - The samples below contain false information and made up names from

Sample Resume 2.jpg
Sample Resume 1.jpg
Resume Sample 6.png
Resume Sample 3.png
Resume Sample 4.png
Resume Sample 7.png
Resume Sample 1.png
Resume Sample 5.png
Resume Sample 2.png
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