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Tiny Miss of America

National Rules and Information

Makeup Rules

· Wee Baby (0-23mo) and Baby Miss (2yr-3yr) - NO MAKEUP IN ANY EVENT

· Mini Miss (4yr-5yr) -  light powder, light blush, light mascara and clear lip gloss, ONLY.  No false lashes.

· Tiny Miss (6yr-7yr) and Petite Miss (8yr-9yr) - light foundation, powder, light blush, light eye shadow, light mascara, and light tinted/color lip gloss/lip stick.  NO eye liner, NO false lashes.

· Preteen Miss and older may were age appropriate makeup.  No heavy glitz makeup.  False lashes are allowed.

· NO flippers

**Please note the use of makeup, other than what is allowed could result in point deductions at the judges discretion.

National Hair Rules

· Wee Baby (0-23mo) and Baby Miss (2yr-3yr) - NO EXTENSIONS, NO FALLS, NO WIGLETS

· Mini Miss and older, extensions may be used, but MUST look natural and blend.  NO FALLS, NO WIGLETS

· Hair in all age divisions should be soft and pretty.  No glitz or overly stiff hair.

No Compete Clause and National Reign

Currently, Tiny Miss of America does NOT have a No Compete Clause.  This means that you may compete in any pageant system you like, as long as it does not require you to forfeit your Tiny Miss of America National title, or prohibit you from completing all contractual requirements and/or returning the following year to crown your successor.  If you win another system that does require you to forfeit your title, then you will be required to return all awards and cash prizes to the National office immediately.  All new National queens are required to sign a Tiny Miss of America contract, must attend all planned group queen functions and trips, must complete a minimum of 75 hours of community service, and must make a minimum of 12 other appearances, with at least 1 appearance being a Tiny Miss state pageant, in your Tiny Miss crown and sash.  The National Office will provide you with a log to track your community services hours and appearances, please document and take pictures.  Additionally, National queens will be assigned a National Titleholder Facebook page and Instagram Titleholder Account, by the Tiny Miss National Office.  We want you to post all of your community service and appearances so everyone can follow your year.  We also  encourage the use of our hashtags… #TinyMissFamily  #TinyMissWorks   #TinyMissRocks.  Cash prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of your reign, after completing all above requirements, and returning the following year, attending the entire National pageant and crowning your successor.  The group queens events planned throughout the year are for our National Royalty to have opportunities to get together, to get to know their sister queens, and to have some ROYAL fun!!!

How do I win Outstanding Miss of America?

To qualify for the Outstanding Miss (Mini Miss - Classic Ms) title, we will combine each delegates 4 mandatory scores, along with her 3 highest scoring optional event scores!!  IT'S THAT EASY!!!

How do I win Little Miss of America?

Little Miss of America (Wee Baby & Baby Miss) will be the delegate with the highest mandatory gown score, plus her 2 highest optional event scores.

How do I win Young Miss or Senior Miss of America?

Young Miss of America (Mini Miss - Petite Miss) and Senior Miss of America (Preteen Miss - Classic Ms), will be the delegate in each Highpoint breakdown with the highest combined scores from her 4 mandatory events, plus her 2 highest optional event scores.

How do I win an Age Division Title?

All age division titles will be the delegate in each age division, with the highest combined score of the  4 mandatory events. Wee Baby and Baby Miss will be the highest gown score.

How do I win the Spirit of Tiny Miss of America Title?

A secret panel of judges will be EVERYWHERE throughout pageant weekend.  No one will know who they are, but they will be watching all weekend and taking notes of the delegates who exhibit the true meaning of good sportsmanship and the ideals for Tiny Miss, who goes above and beyond and has a smile throughout the entire pageant weekend. Open to Mini Miss - Classic Ms.

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