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Tiny Miss of America

National Entry Fees

Registration Information

The delegates mandatory competition fee includes the delegates mandatory pageant competitions, 1 copy of the program book, 1 chaperone weekend competition door admission

and contestant ONLY Tiny Miss Party Pass. 

Mandatory Fees

$295 - Tiny Miss of America Wee Baby and Baby Miss Competition (Gown Only)

$495 - Tiny Miss of America Competition (Introduction, Gown, Interview, Fun Fashion Runway)

$50 - Tiny Miss of America Mandatory Scholarship Fund - for ALL age divisions

$35 - Tiny Miss Party Pass - for chaperone for delegates under 18 years of age

$110-$115 - On-Stage Introduction Dress by Marc Defang

Optional Fees

$40 - Photogenic Competition, additional Photos are $20 each (Limit 6 Total Photos)

$40 - Print Model Photo Competition, additional Photos are $20 each (Limit 6 Total Photos)

$40 - Spokesmodel Competition

$40 - Swim Wear Competition

$40 - Casual Wear Competition

$40 - Casual Wear Competition

$40 - Rock the Runway Competition

$40 - Talent Competition, additional Talent is $40 (Limit 2 Total Talent Entries)

$50 - Weekend Competition Door Admission

$20 Single Day Competition Door Admission


$35 - ALL Ages (4 years & up) - Tiny Miss Party Pass 

(admission to Wednesday Night Welcome Party, and Friday Night Pajama Dance Party)

Individual Party Prices - $20 per party per person,  must have a party arm band to enter the party.

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