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Tiny Miss of America
National Referral Program

Referral Program

Refer your friends to come compete at Tiny Miss of America with you! Receive a $50 credit to your Tiny Miss of America outstanding balance for EVERY referral that comes through with your name on it! 


What counts as a referral?

In order to be counted as a referral, YOUR name must appear on your friend's Referred By line on their online registration form, AND your friend(s) must pay their $175 non-refundable deposit. Once both of those happen, the National Office will automatically credit your outstanding balance $50.

Who counts as a referral?

Anyone who has never competed in a Tiny Miss state pageant  or in a previous Tiny Miss of America National pageant can be counted as a National referral. 

What if I have more referrals then I owe money?

If your balance is $0, and referrals come in, then we will reimburse you the credit difference at registration!

What can my referral credit be used for?

Referral credits can be applied to Mandatory Competition Fees, Mandatory Scholarship Fee, Mandatory Registration Fee, Optional Competition Fees, Weekend Competition Admissions, Party Admissions, or additional program books.

Can referral credits be used as my deposit?

Unfortunately, no. Referral credits can not be used as your deposit. You must still pay your $175 non-refundable deposit and submit your online registration form to be considered registered for Tiny Miss of America. HOWEVER, if you get enough referral credits, you could end up earning back your $175 deposit at registration.

What if my referral doesn't show to nationals?

If your referral does not show up at Tiny Miss of America to compete, and we do understand things happen, as long as your referral completed their online registration form with your name in the Referred By line AND they paid their $175 deposit, you will still receive your referral credit for them.

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