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Who is Tiny Miss Pageants?

Tiny Miss is a community service oriented pageant system that promotes self-confidence, self-worth, good sportsmanship and community service.  Our National Platform is Breast Cancer Awareness and we do a National fundraiser in support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The Tiny Miss Pageant System was founded in 1973 by Virginia Brenner.  Originally founded as Tiny Miss Virginia, for one age group of girls ages 5-9 years old.  Ms. Brenner eventually added several other age divisions for older girls as well.  Tiny Miss Virginia is currently the longest running pageant system in the state of Virginia.  When Gail Jones took over the Tiny Miss Pageant System, it was a baton style modeling pageant.  Over the years, Miss Gail changed the format, introducing interview and the addition of multiple other age divisions.  In 1998, the Tiny Miss of America National pageant was introduced, along with the addition of optional events.  Then in March of 2017 Penny and Shelby Smith took over and began to grow Tiny Miss Pageants even more, eventually moving the state pageant to late winter/early spring, so that Tiny Miss of America Nationals could be held in the summer.  Much to our dismay, in March of 2020, COVID-19 took over the world as we knew it, forcing the state pageants to have to keep rescheduling and making it more difficult then ever to hold a pageant.  In January 2021, Dawn and Gabrielle Majors took over Tiny Miss Pageants and made some changes to try and grow Tiny Miss back into the title coveted by so many.  As we head into the future, we will be adding more state titles and state directors and we hope to grow even larger over the years to come.

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